Pirulo La Tribu was formed in 2009 by founder Francisco ‘Pirulo’ Rosado Rosario, as an integration of classic style and modern times, combining of Salsa, Latin Soul, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Urban, Afro-Latin and World Fusion Music. The first of his projects to record was Calle Linda in the middle of 2013. Its single "Loco Pero Feliz”, hit the Billboard Latin Songs charts in 2014 and in 2015 won the SESAC Awards for #1 Tropical Airplay SESAC Latina. In 2015 Calle Linda Golden Edition was released and nominated for a 2016 Latin Billboard Award as Tropical Album Artist/Group of the Year. Also in 2016, Pirulo y La Tribu became a  2016 Latin American Music Awards Winner, as New Favorite Tropical Artist and in 2018, again nominated for a Latin Billboard Award asTropical Artist/Group of the Year. A follow-up, Calle Linda 2, was released in the early Summer of 2017. It entered Top Latin Albums within a week, and within three, reached the Top 10. Its single, "De Mi Que Hablen," also entered the Tropical Songs charts. Featured Artists participating in Calle Linda 2 are Olga Tañón in “Miro Pal Cielo”, and Ozuna with “Yo Soy Yo”. Calle Linda 3, his latest production, with Release Date on February 2021, has been presented by his singles "El Tumbaíto", "Pa' Los Envidiosos", and most recently, “Dios”, providing new sounds and great music to enjoy. Featured Artists invited to this production are Gilberto Santa Rosa in "No es Cantar Por Cantar” and Tito El Bambino in “No Le Temo a La Vida”.